Friday, November 16, 2012

The Northern Skies

The Northern Skies

I will be the first to admit that I don't have particularly sophisticated or diverse musical tastes.
You can normally find me listening to the same songs on repeat, and I'm not usually up on the latest artists. (Surprise, surprise.) But I know what I like...and these guys are it.
Kyle and I stumbled upon the Northern Skies a few years ago when they were performing at the Eastown Street Fair. We were instantly hooked. Their folky sound is infused with just the right amount of rock. "Folk rock with teeth," if you will. Each song features members jamming on the banjo, violin, or harmonica. The best part? Many of their songs are about their love for Michigan. I can get behind that. 
I love that they sing about places I know and things that I love. Their songs aren't just about their love for Michigan, but also about the hardships of living in a struggling state. I love it because I can relate to it. (Plus, one of their songs mentions Victorian homes and beach sands. Only my two favorite things!)
We just saw them again last night at Fricano's, a restaurant just north of GR. Spending the evening with my husband and our favorite local band was a great way to break up our weekday routine.
Check them out!
Do you dig local music?

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