Saturday, December 10, 2011

day30: three wonderful things that happened this month

1) A fun and delicious Thanksgiving dinner...with my other family.

Photo by Dustin Wilfert
Originally captioned, "Happy Thanksgiving, scumbags."
Yay for friends.

2) A much-needed four day weekend spent crafting, sleeping, and Netflix-ing. 

3) A date with the lovely Lauren...and Morgan, too.

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day29: someplace I'd like to visit

Some day, I will see mountains west of the Mississippi. Hello, National Parks.

Mt. Zion National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Glacier National Park

I need an adventure.

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day28: a skill I'd like to learn

I would love to learn how to sew. If I knew how to sew (and had a sewing machine), the list of things I would stitch would be endless.

Here's the short list:

1) Aprons. One for every day of the week.

Teal Pinafore Retro Full Apron Vintage Style Polka Dots

2) Clothes. More specifically, an exact replica of Bonnie's entire wardrobe from Bonnie & Clyde.


3) Throw pillows. So. Many. Throw pillows.

In other words, I would most likely never leave my house.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

day27: myself, one year ago

At Kyle's insistence, we got a real live Christmas tree last year. He was gleaming like a little kid at, well, Christmas. 

We were trying to take a cute picture of the three of us with our tree. However, a certain camera-shy terrier wasn't going to cooperate. 

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day26: something I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve. Last year, Kyle and I celebrated with Morgan. We kept it low-key and avoided $30+ covers at the bars downtown. We ordered pizza, watched Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and stayed up talking until 8 a.m. (Two of us did, anyway.)

We'll be ringing in 2012 the same way. But this year, we'll be toasting Dan Aykroyd wine and smoking stogies.

We're so badass.


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day25: the contents of my purse

The contents of my purse are never very interesting.

+ Wallet (Would like something smaller--I need to simplify.)

+ Current read (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close...again. Everyone should read this book.)

+ iPod (I'm hoping for an iPod touch in my future.)

+ Various keys (Yes, I need all of them.)

+ Tape measure (Given to me by my high school English teacher when I got engaged. According to her, "every married woman needs a tape measure.")

+ Mittens (Purchased in Mackinaw City.)

+ Burt's Bees. (My favorite.)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

day24: something that means a lot to me

I really value my life-long love of books and reading. My grandma taught me how to read my first book, There's a Dragon in my Wagon at the age of 4, and I haven't put a book down since.

I truly believe that being a booklover gave me one of life's greatest pleasures, an vivid imagination. And for that, I will be forever grateful.


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Friday, December 2, 2011

midweek (ok, not really) rambles

+ I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. It was so nice to be able to spend time eating and laughing with my family. I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a 4-day weekend. It has definitely made getting back into the swing of an everyday routine difficult.

+ Kyle and I saw The Muppets this past weekend. It. Was. Fantastic. I loved that it was very much a homage to the original films, but with a fresh twist. Also, I cried like a baby during "Rainbow Connection." No shame.


+ I used a vegetarian take on this recipe to fix chili this week. It tasted great and we had a TON left over to freeze for easy meals in the future.

+ Now, I don't want to jinx anything, but can I just say how excited I am that it has been bright and sunny (and snow-free!) for days here in GR? This is an amazing accomplishment for West MI in December.

+ I'm really excited to see Spring Awakening tonight, put on by Actors' Theatre in GR. I've loved the music since Lauren introduced me to it in college, but have never seen a production. Check it out on Youtube. This is my favorite song.

Happy weekend-ing!