My first glimpse of Juneau, AK
The beginning of my love affair with mountains, July 2013.

Hi, I'm Molly! Thanks for stopping by Just Grand. 

I'm a nature-loving librarian from Grand Rapids, Michigan where I live with my husband, Kyle; our neurotic terrier, Henson; and our cross-eyed cat, Teddy Roosevelt. 

I love tacos, Victorian architecture, and Lake Michigan. My heroes include Maya Angelou, Marge Gunderson, and anyone who brings me coffee. I'm a novice hiker, snowshoer, and yogi, but I'd rather read on my porch than do just about anything else. 

I also have a thing for conspiracy theories and aliens but that's another storyAlthough I'm pretty jazzed about this whole librarian thing, I want to believe my assignment to the FBI/X-Files is still pending.

This blog is an outlet for my (occasional) creativity and (weird) obsessions. I'm so glad you're here! 

//Maybe there's hope.//
//No one achieves anything alone.//

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