Friday, November 23, 2012

Day23: Eight Things You Didn't Know About Me

1) I met Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in South Bend when I was in college. It. Was. Awesome. 

2) I watched Unsolved Mysteries religiously (surprise, surprise), and I still remember the phone number for the tip line: 1-800-876-5353. 

3) I know all of the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire." I realize this isn't very topical, but it makes me feel accomplished.

4) I realized recently that my personality is identical to Rex from Toy Story. 


5) My favorite book growing up was Nettie Jo's Friends

6) My first job was as a library page. Best job ever. 

7) My favorite vacation as a kid was to Dyersville, Iowa to see where the movie Field of Dreams was filmed. It's also that farthest west that I've ever traveled.  

8) This kept running through my head every time I tried to think of an interesting fact about myself:



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