Friday, September 30, 2011

friday confessions

 Confession: I want to enter ArtPrize.

Did you see this coming? I gush about ArtPrize basically 24/7 to anyone who will listen, so it's only natural that I should dream of entering it myself.

Seems plausible, right? Except for one minor detail. I'm not an artist. At all.
I'm creative (ish) and can (usually) visualize how I want something to look; problems (always) arise with the execution. Whenever I attempt something artistic, the final product never matches what I pictured. Talk about frustration. I'm not sure where the disconnect is, but it's maddening.

Around this time last year, I was struck with a Big Idea. You know the kind. This Big Idea was a concept for an ArtPrize entry. And it's seriously a good one. The concept is simple yet meaningful; it encapsulates my love for the people and city of Grand Rapids. It would be a fairly simple project, just time-consuming. (And may or may not involve Polaroid film, which is difficult to come by.) But if done correctly, it would have the potential to really make a statement.

Fun fact: I actually started this blog last year to document the evolution of said Big Idea. I alluded to it waaay back in my first-ever post. As you may have noticed, things haven't quite gone according to that plan.

I just don't have the confidence to take the leap. The scale of ArtPrize is so intimidating. Artists, real artists, from all over the world enter. Real artists with real talent. I'd be afraid that my "art" would look like a stick figure next to the Mona Lisa.

But then again, who knows unless you try? Right?

And there it is: a secret I haven't told anyone except for my husband and my parents. Maybe setting the idea free into the universe will give me the courage to take the plunge. Maybe?

Thanks for listening. Happy Friday, friends.


  1. DO IT!!!!!!!!! there's absolutely no way to "fail" at art, you either do it or your don't, so you should def do it :) :)

  2. Two words: DO IT!!!!! It sounds like your concept is amazing, and now that you've officially put it out there in the universe, you have to at least try it now!!