Monday, September 26, 2011

an ArtPrize weekend

Fall weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and great art makes for truly wonderful weekend.
During ArtPrize, the venues are classified by neighborhood: Hillside; Heartside; Center City; Westside; Monroe North; and The Gardens.
Kyle and I proudly call Hill Side (known also as Heritage Hill) home. We spent the weekend exploring the Center City and West Side neighborhoods, where a large portion of the art is located. This area includes the B.O.B, the Blue Bridge, as well as 3 museums.
Between losing power, running various errands, and a few home improvement projects, we didn't go ArtPrizing at all on Saturday. We made up for it on Sunday by going to the GR Public Museum, the B.O.B., the Huntington Building; and the surrounding areas.
I think this was my favorite:

Christopher Weed
Colorado Springs, CO
This was located just outside of the Public Museum, overlooking the Grand River and the Blue Bridge. It felt like something out of a children's book.
I also loved this:
Lynda Cole

Ann Arbor, MI
Also showing at the Grand Rapids Public Museum:

This literally took my breath away.
Untitled no. 1 (from the peculiar manifestation of paint in my life)
Jennifer Cronin
Chicago, IL
Anything involving vintage suitcases and antique glass has my attention...and the title says so much. 
Defining Baggage
Joseph Ivacic
Chicago, IL
I'm fairly certain I was never this talented with Legos. 
Nathan Sawaya
New York, NY

Kyle said he's pretty sure that this was inspired by a He-Man action figure, which of course he had as a kid.

Peter Koelsch
Metamora, OH
Monkeys hanging off the Blue Bridge. Reminds me of The Wizard of Oz.

Metal Monkey Mania
Dale Rogers
Haverhill, MA
Check back tomorrow for more from our ArtPrize weekend!

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