Tuesday, September 27, 2011

an ArtPrize weekend, act II

Looking for the beginning of our ArtPrize weekend? Go here.

After exploring the Grand Rapids Public Museum, we crossed the river and headed over to the B.O.B. (After snagging some pumpkin spice lattes at the Amway Starbucks, of course.) The B.O.B. is four-story restaurant/bar/comedy club/dance club. B.O.B stands for Big Old Building. Nice.

A large portion of their art is displayed outside in their parking lot. (Which I've never actually seen used as a parking lot. Fun fact.) 
Showing at the B.O.B.:

Taking Project 365 to a new level.

A Year Through Our Eyes
Todd & Brad Reed
Ludington, MI

Giant praying mantis. Very Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Mantis Dreaming
Bill Secunda
Butler, PA
Bronze statues...or are they? This is a perfect example of how ArtPrize strives to redefine art.

Under Construction
LiveStatue & Friends (Robert & Jasper Shangle)
Sparta, MI

Octopus. YES.

Ocean Exodus
Paul Baliker
Palm Coast, FL
From the B.O.B. we hopped next door to the Huntington Building.

(Sorry for the poor picture quality of the following pictures. My camera battery died, so I had to resort to my phone...which then also died. Way to be prepared, Molly.)

I loved this idea. Each hen represented a woman (or type of woman) throughout history. Check out Amelia. She's missing because she flew the coop. Haha!

Changes in the Hen House
Joan Game
Iron Mountain, MI
The three blind mice have a guide dog, who happens to be chasing a cat (off camera). This was made entirely out of papier-mâché.

Blind Faith
Lori Hough
Fremont, MI
Loved this drawing, which was done using 123 plain ol' ballpoint pens. There was no light source in this picture. The lighting effect was created entirely by the hand of the artist.

Blackfoot Chief
Richard Mitchell
Phoenix, AZ

And I'll leave you with Rusty, a dog sculpture made out of old stop signs, Michigan license plates, scrap metal, and tree branches. Like any dog, this little big guy is loving all of the attention he's receiving over at the GR Public Museum.

Ritch Branstrom
Rapid River, MI
Rusty is a Yooper and is gracing us Trolls with his presence from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

We're planning on heading to the GR Art Museum (GRAM) and the Urban Institute for the Contemporary Arts (UICA) this week. Stay tuned!

What's your favorite?

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