Friday, September 23, 2011

friday confessions

It's baaack...

Confession: I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

((Confession II: I'm totally about to pull a George Costanza here.))
Sometimes, I feel like I come across a bit flighty because I'm always changing the direction of my career-related goals. To be fair, I've always been this way. My interests change constantly; ebb and flow...As a child, my career aspirations ranged from teacher to journalist, author to actress, archeologist to the person who draws the lottery numbers. Bouncing daily from one potential career to another is every much a part of the average childhood as Saturday morning cartoons; but doing it as a twentysomething college graduate just makes me feel like a flibbertigibbet.

Case in point...

Careers I'm Currently Contemplating:

+ Cafe owner

+ Elder advocate

+ Children's book author

+ Apron maker and seller on Etsy

+ Dog walker

+ Copy editor

+ Beekeeper

+ ____________ expert (I haven't decided on what yet.)

I sometimes envy the people who have always known what they want to do with their lives. Take Kyle for instance. From the time he was in middle school, he knew he wanted to be an actor. He's talented. He's a hard worker. He went to college, got a degree in it. And now, he's an actor. Sure, he's a bank teller by day to make ends meet, but by night he's a professional actor with an area Shakespeare company. He just makes it seem so simple, so easy. While I, on the other hand, announce one day that I'm going to be a beekeeper, and the next that I want to open up a thrift store.

Did I mention I have a political science degree? Weird. I'm not really sure how that fits in to the mix of everything, except perhaps my obsession with global conspiracies and the FBI.

Does anyone else ever feel this way? What's your dream career? Are you currently in it, or are you still searching?

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. All these plans remind me of all the other stuff I would rather be doing with my life too. The apron designer sounds so awesome but so does the dog walker and children's book author!

  2. First off, I really appreciate the Seinfeld reference and immediately could picture that episode. "I think I'd make a good baseball manager."
    I definitely feel that way a lot. I don't particularly love what I do; it just pays the bills and I'm good at it. I'd love to be a writer or journalist or one of those bloggers who actually makes money at it.