Wednesday, September 28, 2011

midweek rambles

+ It has been pouring here off and on for days. I'm grateful for the rain and for fall weather, but this is really crimping my style.
+ Like Alexander, I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I don't want to whine and complain, but I really just want to go back to bed and start all over.


+ I baked peanut butter honey cookies last night to send to my grandpa as a (very) belated birthday present. I added a spoonful of Michigan honey to the dough at the last minute. I'm glad I did--they tasted wonderful!
+ I'm really, really, REALLY excited to see this documentary. Sesame Street Muppets never fail to make me smile. So far, there are no plans for this to come to Michigan. I might just have to take a day trip to Chicago to see it...

+ I finally hopped on the bandwagon and joined Pinterest. I'm still unsure  exactly how to navigate it. Any suggestions?
I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday. Only 2 days until the weekend!

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