Thursday, September 22, 2011

ArtPrize, day 1

ArtPrize officially kicked off Wednesday evening. YES.
Kyle and I walked downtown after work and enjoyed a few pieces along the way. This mural on the WMCAT Building was amazing.
Osborne, Schuster, Van Duinen, Bellomo
Grand Rapids, MI
Our destination was the Open Concept Gallery, located in the Center City neighborhood. The gallery is on the sixth floor of the Trade Center building; and formerly housed a Masonic temple. Our neighbor, Zora is the curator and executive director and invited us to the opening reception. This was a great place to begin our ArtPrize experience; gorgeous art at a breathtaking venue. Fantastic.
Open Concept Gallery
 Being a bit of a history nerd, this piece was my favorite:
Abraham, Martin and John
Sara Gauthier
Petoskey, MI
It commanded so much presence. In talking with a few other visitors, we all agreed that you felt very small standing next to it.
Followed closely by this series:

Heather Kelly
Detroit, MI
This piece had a really great concept. Text an anonymous wish to a provided number, and all of the wishes will be compiled into another piece of art following ArtPrize. Proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Michigan.
Most artists typically hand out cards with their name, their piece of art, and their artist code so that you can vote for them. They're actually fun to collect.
The creator of wish went above and beyond had necklaces attached to her cards.

Isn't it pretty? The picture really doesn't do it justice.
More art:
Young Saints
Adrian Waggoner
Salt Lake City, UT
Quantam Confusion
Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Knoxville, TN
KT and the Second Coming
Adrian Hatfield

Ferndale, MI
This isn't even a fraction of the 1,500+ pieces of art on display across the city. I'm so excited to see more this weekend!
What pieces catch your eye? 
P.S. Check out the ArtPrize website to learn more about the art and the artists. Any pieces you run across that you think I need to check out? Let me know!

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