Friday, March 18, 2011

friday confessions (vol. I)

As I mentioned here, one of the many goals for my blog is to create a weekly feature or two. This is my attempt. Let me know what you think. Allow me to introduce Friday Confessions. 

Lighthearted, serious, goofy, or heartfelt—complete and total honesty is the only requirement. Feel free to make your own confessions!

Confession #1:

I love The X-Files way more than any person should. *cue theme*


Seriously, it's bordering on obsession. I love this show like Mulder loves sunflower seeds and a darkened parking garage.

I know what you're thinking. "Uh, Molly? Wasn't that show popular like, a million years ago? Don't you think you're a little behind?" The answer to these questions is yes. However, I'm pretty well known for being slightly behind what all the cool kids are doing. By the time I get into something, it's usually 10 years after everyone else. Case and point: As my friend Kat once put it, "Molly, by the time you read/watch Harry Potter, it will be the year 2020." True story; but at least no one can ever accuse me of hopping on the bandwagon.

Why start watching The X-Files now, a good ten years after it went off the air? Well, why does anyone start watching a random show of network television past? Netflix Instant. (You know you've done it, too. Is Season 1 of Ugly Betty sitting in your instant que? Yeah, I thought so.)

Now, I'm not a huge TV-watcher. Really, I’m not. (I’m a reader by trade.) We don't have cable, and only get about two and a half stations on our TV, one of which runs The Lawrence Welk Show on a constant loop. (I'm not joking.) Netflix is basically our only form of moving-picture-related entertainment. So this fall, during a rainy and chilly weekend, I discovered The X-Files.

“Ehh, what the heck. I’ll give ‘er a try,” I thought. And oh, what a try it was. I was blown away; instantly sucked into the grainy world of FBI agents and alien abductions.

The mystery! The suspense! The government conspiracies! And the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully...oh dear lord, the sexual tension!

Why I'm just now discovering this show that is chock full of my very favorite things (see above), I have no idea. I watched Unsolved Mysteries religiously throughout my childhood. I believed in the Loch Ness monster like most children believed in the Easter Bunny. (The only difference is, I still believe in Nessie.) And I'm preeetty sure I opted to study political science in college because government conspiracy wasn't an option. True story.

The X-Files tickles my conspiracy bone in a way that nothing else can. (Well, except for actual conspiracies. And Robert Stack.)

It's quite a step for me to post this on the Internets for all to see. I'm not fully "out of the closet," if you will, with my nerdiness. I always knew that I wasn't exactly the epitome of cool, but I never truly admitted to myself what I nerd I was. I'm working on embracing it. If you could keep this all very hush hush in the meantime, I’d appreciate it.

So, there you have it. My first confession. I love  Fox Mulder  The X-Files.

(And this is just the tip of the nerdy iceberg. Stay tuned.)

Oh, and for my fellow X-Philes, the truth is out there.

 Happy Friday, friends.


  1. OMG! Okay, I'm so stealing this word for word...not really. BUT RIGHT?! I feel the same way! I jumped on this bandwagon WAY too late but it's so fresh & cool! We make X Files cool again. ;) So glad you posted this! Also, I LOVE Fox. Ha!

  2. As someone who was there from DAY ONE, I welcome you to the fold. It doesn't matter when you start watching a cool show, it matters that you can share your love it it. I to love Dana Scully....The X-Files.

  3. When the X Files show was on, a couple of my friends and my sister and I would get together to watch it on a regular basis. Such GOOD times! So I totally understand how you feel about watching it. I wish I could be watching it for the first time! So many of the shows were just so brilliantly done!