Thursday, March 24, 2011

lists 22-24: playing catch up (the continuing saga)

list 22: today (tuesday, oops) i saw
**Rain turn into snow and ice on trees (boo)
**Two former co-workers/bosses who have become very dear friends
**Cherries at the bottom of my glass of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
**The return of Canadian geese and ducks in the ponds around my office
**A PBR delivery truck in Eastown (oh, hipsters...)

list 23: guilty pleasures
(My entire life is a guilty pleasure, so I'll limit myself to 5!)
**Sci-fi (i.e. The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twilight Zone)
**Nutella on pretzels
**Long, steaming hot showers
**F%$# Yeahs from 76 Coffee (Yesternots)
**Perusing Target clearance racks and the used book section at Schulers

list 24: i make lists for

Oh, it's been quite the week. Thank goodness for a good run, coffee with a friend, and the approaching weekend.


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