Wednesday, March 2, 2011

list 1: a few things about yourself

30 Days of Lists...

Ahh, yes. This seems like a perfect way for me to get into a blogging routine. I may not always have post ideas up my sleeve, but you know I can write me some lists! I know I'm a day behind, so I'll just do 2 posts today to catch myself up.

List 1: A Few Things...

**Closet conspiracy theorist and sci-fi nerd (please don't tell)
**Thrifter, bargain shopper, local/small business supporter
**Wannabe blogger
**Diehard Cubs fan
**Lover of summertime, tea, and the smell of library books
**Beach bum and tree hugger
**Grammar and spelling stickler
**Sloppy perfectionist
**Fiance, daughter, sister, friend

Oh, I am loving this.

P.S. I would link up, if I knew how. =)

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