Monday, March 21, 2011

lists 19-21: playing catch up (the wrath of khan)

Yikes! I'm really falling behind on these lists! Ok, without futher ado...

list 19: Recipies to Try
**Nutella brownies (How is it I've never heard of these?)
**Whole wheat pizza crust


list 20: Celebrity Crushes
**Jon Stewart
**Dan Aykroyd

**Leonardo DiCapprio
**Amy Sedaris
**Kate Winslet
**Mariska Hargitay

list 21: Things to do This Spring
**Couch to 5k
**Walk to the library
**Walk everywhere else
**Get a tattoo (check!)
**Blow bubbles
**Take Henson to the park
**Dye my hair red?
**Clean my car, inside and out (This is long overdue.)
**Purge the apartment of any and all unneeded stuff
**Be thankful for both the sunny and rainy days

Phew! I promise to be more on top of the lists this week!

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