Monday, September 17, 2012

current obsessions

+ Iced coffee.

I know this is really more of a summer drink, but the closer fall gets the more I crave them. I guess I'll just have to redirect this obsession to pumpkin spice lattes.  Darn.

Oh, Lord by Foxy Shazam.


I cannot get over how much I love this song. *hits repeat*

+ Fall.

I've been so busy lately that the season change has completely sneaked up on me. I'm looking forward to ArtPrize, fresh apples, and birthday celebrations.

I spy changing leaves. 

+ These TOMS shoes. 

Do I really need to explain? 

+ This blog.

I'm ready to make some changes around these parts, design and otherwise. Look for some updates coming later this fall. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I love iced coffee. Especially in the late afternoon. I drink it until November and start up the first relatively warm March day!!! Can't wait to see the blog changes!!!

  2. i am digging those toms and the fall weather so much!!