Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november goals

Losing leaves
Empire, MI: Fall 2008

Let's look at October...

+ Celebrate our birthdays! Check! Read about our celebrations here.

+ Resume regular workouts. Ugh. Not so much.

Try a pumpkin-based recipe. I baked Kyle a pumpkin cake for his birthday with cream cheese frosting--all from scratch! Yum.

+ Work on (more!) craft projects. Currently knitting a scarf and just bought supplies for another idea I have floating around in my head.

+ Get up earlier in the morning so I'm not so rushed before work. Nope. =(
...and now for November:

+ Be more motivated, especially at work and in accomplishing monthly goals.
+ Participate daily in 30 Days Hath November over at So Fawned.
+ Start Christmas shopping/crafting.
+ Make a conscious effort to connect with friends and family.
+ Wrap up any wedding-related loose ends (e.g. order pictures, thank yous).

Happy November!

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