Thursday, November 10, 2011

day08: the last item i purchased

This past Saturday, Kyle and I went to my hometown to visit my family for the day. My dad was out of town on business, but it was nice so to spend the day with my mom and sister. We (i.e. my mom and I) convinced Kyle that we should go thrifting. Woohoo!

It was such a lovely day. We went to a great store in Benton Harbor where I picked up a chair that I'm eventually going to reupholster (with a bit of guidance from Mom). We also went to Goodwill...and it's there that I found my favorite purchase of the day.

I just love this little tea cup. It's just the perfect size for a cup of tea...or a small serving of ice cream. =)

This is the best 59 cents I've spent.

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