Friday, October 28, 2011

friday confessions

In honor of Halloween...

Confession: I have really irrational fears.

Don't we all? I've blogged in the past about a few things that really scare me. And apart from my fear of hopping amphibians and glowing red eyes, I would say most of them are pretty legit.

Except for the one I left off the list.

Horrifying, right? Horrifyingly cute, maybe. What's wrong with me?

Yep, that's a giraffe.

Ok, so maybe not giraffes persae; but giraffes outside of their natural habitat or zoo.

Scene: You're driving along at night, you're in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly a frickin' giraffe just walks across the road. A dark silhouette of this billion-foot-tall animal just menacingly moseying along...Seriously, how creepy would that be?!?! (Anyone? No? Just me?)

Not that this has ever happened to me in real life. But a few weekends ago, I came close.


Scene: Kyle and I are headed up north on US-131 late at night. It's pitch black and pouring rain. These guys are hanging out on the side of the road...and they're BIG. No signs, no warning. They're just there. It was horrifying. (To me, anyway. Kyle didn't even see it...which only made me question my sanity.)

When we got home, I did a bit of sleuthing to confirm that I wasn't going crazy. Because I didn't see any signs near the giant giraffe, and I wasn't even entirely sure where we were, I just Googled "giant giraffe us 131 michigan." And what do you know? These things are actually part of something even creepier than a wayward giraffes.


Um, yikes. I couldn't find very a lot of information on Robinson's Scenic Gardens, but this blogger at Roadside Curiosities actually went there and took these pictures. Check out the rest of them good ol' fashioned goosebumps raising. 

So creepy.

Is it bad that I want to go? I need to take a picture with that giraffe.

Happy Friday, friends.

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