Friday, July 29, 2011

eight fears

1) Failure.
Isn't everyone? I'm afraid that I will never fulfill my dreams and will live my life regretting what could have been as a result.

2) Frogs and toads.
Ok, I know this one is dumb. For some reason whenever I run across one of these hopping amphibians, I just about jump out of my skin.

3) My house burning down.
Ever since I can remember, this has always been my greatest fear, almost to the point of being paralyzing. Don't ask me why.

4) Fire trucks.
See above.

5) Glowing red eyes.
'Cause that s#*% is creepy. Seriously.

6) Driving on icy roads in the winter.
I know that it comes with the territory living in MI, but every winter without fail I get tense and worried every time there is a snowstorm.

7) Losing the ones I love.
No explanation is really needed.

8) Possession.
Again, this just creeps me out. Even the scene in Ghostbusters when Dana is possessed by Zuul makes me shudder a little bit. Forget The Exorcist. Seriously.

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