Thursday, July 28, 2011

nine loves

1) Lake Michigan.
I couldn't love this body of water more if it were a human being.

2) Spaghetti marinara.
I would seriously eat this for every meal, every day.

3) Going to the library.
After all these years, this is probably still my favorite way to spend the afternoon.

4) GR.
I feel such a sense of belonging in this city. It's home.

5) A good laugh.
Whether it be at Game Night with friends, an episode of 30 Rock, or this; I just have to say, I love to laugh.

6) My mom and dad.
I don't say enough how wonderful my parents are and just how incredibly grateful I am to them for all that they've done for me, and continue to do.

7) Thrifting.
Seriously, it's about the thrill of the search.

8) Awareness.
Whether it be a passion for the victims of genocide or for supporting the arts, being an advocate for something is crucial to ending an apathetic society.

9) The unconditional love of family, close friends, my husband-to-be, and my dog.
Quite simply, without them, I am nothing. 

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