Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Redux: Still Another Year in Books

My library card got quite a bit of use this year. I've read/listened to more books this year than I have maybe ever: 135. I attribute this to listening to audiobooks on my one hour round-trip commute and devouring any graphic novel I can get my hands on. 

I made a strong effort this year to read books written by women and people of color. I hope to continue this in the years ahead. I'd like to participate in a reading challenge that will get me reading out of my comfort zone and that will give me deeper insight to our world. I read almost everything on my Summer Syllabus (aside from finishing one of the graphic novel series), along with many recommendations from my library's monthly book club. I also reread some favorites, including Wild, The Little Prince, and When You Reach Me. I'm also delving into the Anne of Green Gables series, which I've never read before but am quickly falling in love with.

I agonized over picking my favorites this year. Most of the titles on this list are for young readers. (Although I think that Bucky F*cking Dent takes the cake overall!) I read some really wonderful stories that I loved for different reasons. Aren't books the best?

Here's what I read this year. (All images courtesy of Goodreads.) Which of these have you read and loved (or hated!)? What did you read this year? What should I be reading in 2017? 


Top 15 Favorites
The Complete PoetryMaya Angelou
Between the World and MeTa-Nesihi Coates (audiobook, read by the author)
MatildaRoal Dahl (audiobook, read by Kate Winslet)
Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing EyeTania del Rio & Will Staehle
Bucky F*cking DentDavid Duchovny (audiobook, read by the author)
The Turner House, Angela Flournoy
84, Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff
My One Hundred AdventuresPolly Horvath
Dumplin', Julie Murphy
I am Princess XCherie Priest
Nimona, Noelle Stevenson 
Paper Girls (Vol. 1), Brian K. Vaughn
Where Am I Now?, Mara Wilson

Want to know more about what I'm reading throughout the year? Follow me on Goodreads, Instagram, or under the hashtag #whatmollyreads. Let me know where I can follow you! Wishing you all an amazing 2017 filled with good coffee and even better books!


Here's what I read in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015


  1. Wow! How impressive that you read so much. I also read lots of books targeted for young readers. I started when I read a couple of the books my kids had to read for school and found I really enjoyed most of them. Many are thought provoking and relatively quick, easy reads.

  2. Daaaaaaang! You are indeed a fast reader. I just got Paper Girls Volume 2 if you want to borrow it. :) and omg Milk and Honey is everything. How was Nightvale? Was it lol-worthy? Same question for Modern Romance.

    Read Shrill by Lindy West. That's my only suggestion.

    1. "Nightvale" is hilarious. "Modern Romance" is more of a sociological study and it's wonderful and fascinating. And I have the Shrill audiobook on hold! ;)