Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weekend in review

After working late on Friday (and an after-work drink with a few co-workers), Kyle and I had dinner at our favorite hole in the wall, The Cottage. The Cottage is the oldest bar in GR, and has fantastic food.

Then we caught a late night showing of this.

Umm, awesome! Am I the only one who hasn't grown out of their elementary school dinosaur obsession? It's ok. You can admit it. We're among friends.

Saturday we had some errands to run, as per usual. We finished with stopping by our favorite used book store, Argos Book Shop. Ok, it's my favorite used book store. Kyle goes for the comics. And the Spiderman swinging out of the wall.

Sunday was rain, gray, and cold. Again.

(Snow or hail? Whatever it is, it needs to cut it out.)

We spent the day in our reading corner, avoiding wedding planning. And laundry.

How was your weekend?

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