Friday, April 8, 2011

between you & me (vol. IV)

Confession #4: Just between you and me, my hair is starting to go gray.

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite ready to join the cast of The Golden Girls reboot. But some days, it feels like it.

If we're being really honest, I had my first gray hair at 19. It's really quite a miracle that I held out that long. My parents started getting gray hairs in their early teens and my grandpa's locks was almost completely snow white by the time he was 30. Eh, blame it on genetics, I guess. (And the wedding planning. And the job. Hmm, mostly the job? But I digress.)

To my credit, I think I've taken my premature graying pretty well. I don't pull out every one that I see, and I don't have a meltdown each time a new one appears. I don't meticulously comb my hair, searching for each fading strand. I don't dye my hair every 2 weeks. 

Really, I'm taking it very well.

But, hey. Every girl needs a change now and then, so as of Monday, my hair will be this color.
But, uh, just between you and me, I will be thinking of it as this color.

Please, don't judge.

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. my goodness this was timely. I just colored my hair tonight. I happened to be in the mood for change!