Monday, January 13, 2014

Recent Developments

1) I love orange juice.
There are very few things in life that I just won't eat or drink. I'm very open and will try just about anything. But I hate orange juice. Until about a month ago. Now, I can't get enough. Perhaps with these frigid temps and nasty viruses flying around, my body is just desperate for vitamin C. Or maybe I'm just hooked on mimosas. Either way, bring on the OJ!

2) I have a new face. 
At least, it certainly feels that way. In the past two months, I've gotten both glasses and bangs, and have started experimenting with wearing bold lip colors. It's funny; when I look in the mirror I feel like the reflection is finally capturing who I see on the inside. I feel like I've been reinvented. 

3) I love my job.
Yes, seriously. Working in this small cafe has given me the daily autonomy and variety that I've so desperately craved. I love chatting with our regulars, recommending drinks, and choosing the daily specials. I'm content and comfortable in my position, and for the first time in far too long I don't dread going to work. Dare I say, I even enjoy it? 

4) I don't hate winter.
I never thought I would say this, but here we are! While gray skies and icy roads still cause stress, I'm actually enjoying this season of bundling and being cozy. I don't even mind the snow! (Although that Polar Vortex was no joke!) Perhaps I'm just subconsciously preparing myself for an imaginary move to Alaska.

5) I'm going to see Lily Tomlin perform in GR in March!
I've had a thing for Lily Tomlin since her voice graced my ears as Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus. As I grew older, I came to admire her comedic genius through Laugh-In clips, her stint on Murphy Brown, and her amazing role in 9 to 5. (And you guys, I could wax poetic for hours about my love for 9 to 5.) You could say that Lily Tomlin is my comedic idol and I'm beyond thrilled for the chance to see her perform at LaughFest!

FUN FACT: Lily Tomlin studied theatre at Wayne State University in Detroit, where I'm currently pursuing my graduate degree (albeit online). This pretty much means that we're best friends, right? RIGHT?!?!


So catch me up. What are you up to?


  1. I am just like you. i never really liked or care for orange juice, but recently it's been something i have been craving. mainly i didn't like it due to the pulp.

    bold lips are awesome. i wear tons of lippies and when i don't i feel absolutely naked without it. it's my go to color when i don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup.

  2. Let's see more of the bangs and glasses!! I'm so happy you're feeling awesome these days - you deserve it :)

    (For what it's worth, I hate winter)

    1. Serious kudos to you for venturing to the Midwest in the dead of winter, and in a polar vortex no less!. You're a champ. Also, I just wanted to tell you how much I've appreciated your support in these past few months. It's been a great encouragement. <3