Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, hello there.

Lake Michigan, frozen over
Grand Haven, MI

Hello, friends. Long time, no blog. I've missed you. 

It seems as though taking a bit of a winter hiatus is my blogging M.O. I'm going on my third year of somewhat inconsistent blogging, and each year involves a lengthy, unintended break. I've been busy; doing anything but hibernating in this frigid Michigan winter. (Although some days that's all I want to do.) I'm trying to avoid being busy simply for the sake of being busy, but I'm also accepting that life sometimes just takes the wheel and to just enjoy the ride. 

Despite some stress and typical winter illness, life has been good. Kyle and I are getting very involved in the creative community in our little city, and I think we're both happier and more productive because of it. There is a hit of spring in the air, the sun is setting later and later, and blue skies are slowly starting to make more regular appearances in the Mitten. I'm excited for what's on the horizon, and I'm learning to take risks. 

Oh, the time's they are a-changin'.