Saturday, March 17, 2012

i could get used to this

You guys, it was 80 degrees in GR on Wednesday. In freaking March. This is a big deal.

Rather than being responsible adults (e.g. going grocery shopping, doing laundry, blahblahblah), Kyle and I said screw it and went to the beach.

We drove 40 minutes out to Grand Haven from GR and grabbed a pizza along the way. We put our toes in the sand (and in the lake, which is still freeeeezing by the way), watched the sunset, and listened to the new Springsteen album. I could watch the sun set over Lake Michigan over and over and over again. Now that's my idea of heaven. 

Upon our return to GR, we discovered our neighbors having a porch party. (These are quite the event on our street and usually occur Friday nights in the summer. We've never had one this early!) We spent the remainder of the evening laughing and drinking homebrewed IPA. (Brewed by our neighbor from across the street. It doesn't get any more local than that!)

I wish every single day could be like this. Sunshine, Lake Michigan, and laughter with friends. Although there are certainly seasons in life when everything feels like hell, it's days like this that remind me that it gets better, and that life can be grand once again.

Sending all of you love from the Mitten.


  1. what a perfect, fun day! i wish we had porch parties in our neighborhood!

  2. gorgeous photos! I think I have taken for granted the super bright and sunny weather in my area. I haven't visited the beach in ages despite the lovely weather. I definitely need to unwind and have some fun in the sun.