Monday, October 10, 2016

Summer Favorites

I have been struggling for the past few months or so to find the words to express my hurt and sadness for all that is currently going on in the world. My boots have been very heavy from all the hatred and divisiveness. I am still without words, but these are the things that brought a smile to my face over the summer, and I hope that maybe they will bring a smile to yours as well. 

"Brother Said" by The Rough & Tumble

Kyle and I saw this band play on the patio at Stormcloud Brewing in Frankfort, MI this summer. They have a delightful, folky sound and this song in particular speaks to me. 

"The World (Is Going Up in Flames)" by Charles Bradley

A friend introduced me to this singer earlier this year and I fell in love. His soulful voice and music speaks to years of struggle, yet never losing hope. 

The Gentle Barn is an organization that rescues and cares for farm animals. Their Instagram gives daily doses of adorable animals bringing joy to others. It always brightens my day to see pictures of Dudley the cow, Lillie the pig, and many, many more.

Bucky F*cking Dent by David Duchovny

This book is one of my favorite things that I've read this year. (Although, I highly recommend checking out the audiobook.) I'll admit, I picked this book up because of the author, but I quickly fell in love with the gruff-but-lovable characters and lyrical writing. I firmly believe that few things can bring people together like baseball.

And finally, this.

Have a wonderful week, friends.

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