Tuesday, June 26, 2012

bees (again)

Last night I went to a beekeeping workshop at Tree Huggers, a sustainable shop in my neighborhood.

It was seriously wonderful, and so informative. The workshop was taught by two friends, who are both teachers and hobby beekeepers. Their passion for beekeeping and sustainability, as well as their love for bees is truly inspiring. (Especially to this aspiring bee girl.)

We learned what you need to get your hives started, and how to maintain them once they are established (and growing!). I learned quite a bit about the construction and layout of the "bee boxes," which I wasn't really familiar with. The only downside was that they couldn't bring any actual bees with them. (Once a hive has been established, moving it is essentially impossible.)

Truly, this workshop only fueled my desire to have my own bees.

Geeking out after the workshop explaining my handouts to Kyle.

I realize my bee lust may seem a little odd. What began as a love for raw honey quickly turned into an obsession with the ones who make it. The more I've read and researched about bees, the more I want to know. They're fascinating (and unfortunately often misunderstood) creatures. I'm mesmorized by them. Standing near hives with bees buzzing around me is such a relaxing, almost spiritual experience.

While it may not be in the cards for me right at this moment, urban beekeeping is something I one day hope to do. With any kind of beekeeping, urban or otherwise, it is so important to have a mentor. Books will only take you so far. First hand knowledge from an experienced beekeeper is invaluable. By attending workshops and visiting apiaries, I'm trying to make connections for down the road.

For now, I'm going to look into planting a small window garden with flowers that attract bees. I learned last night that they especially love lavender. Although I cannot have my own hive right now, I can do my part to facilitate a healthy bee population in my area.

Thanks for reading this little reflection. I feel like I mention bees quite a bit, and I just wanted to be clear as to why. (And I can guarantee this won't be the last bee-related post I'll write!) As always, I'm so grateful to have this outlet to write about my odd little obsessions.

If you know any beekeepers, send them my way!

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  1. i think the lady over at is keeping bees too! it'd be so awesome to do that!